konodamazo.com jung ji "masa" lee

" i won't hurt you, but you might get hurt.
i won't please you,
but you might be pleased
the door is here. the key is in your hand.
everything is up to you
in plain world........."



Los Angeles Artist Association member
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The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL, USA
Bachelor of Fine Arts

artist statement

Kondomozo and Ubume are two characters that I invented. They serves as my surrogate self, a synthesis of Korean and Japanese cultures, a metaphor for the meeting of opposites, and the border that separates them. While one may interpret this characters as a reflection of a variety of ideas and aesthetics particular to Asian experiences and identities, Kondomozo and Ubume are primarily a response to the racism I faced as a bi-racial person. I wanted to create a creature who is culturally flexible and who personifies self-acceptance.

The universe that Kondomozo and Ubume inhabit is constructed from conscious and subconscious drawings, doodles, text and maps. The palette is inspired by cave paintings.
Kondomozo and Ubume's simple shape is repeated and juxtaposed against a chaotic, drawn environment. Kondomozo and Ubume act as a smooth-skinned, nearly-featurless guide, in a wildly unpredictable and marred universe.

I find inspiration in the work of several artists and the aesthetics of many cultural movements. These influences include: Jean-Michel Basquiat; On Kawara; Yoshitomo Nara; Inka Essenhigh; Mark Manders; Laura Owens; Suh Do-ho; Cy Twombly; Julie Mehrets; Andy Warhol; Jackson Pollock; Gustav Klimt; Noh Theater; Japanese YOUKAI story with Natsuhiko Kyougoku works; KOTODAMA; Super Flat-Takashi Murakami; Otaku culture and Mandala painting.

I believe that everyone perceives themselves—in some way—as a minority of sorts. It is my hope that Kondomozo and Ubume may act as an ambassador of “Other-ness” and that people of all backgrounds will feel at home with them, or curious about them.

Exhibitions & Commissions
Nov. 2021 Group show, Sector Seven Contemporary Art Gallery

Nov. 2021 Full Bodied, Gallery825 (Online)

Oct. 2021 Vagaries, Gallery825 (Online)

Sept. 2021 Online Art show, Gardena Valley Japanese cultural Institute

Aug. 2021Upcycle, Gallery825

Jun. 2021Petite Works, Gallery825 (Online)

Mar. 2021 Ready Go, Gallery825 (Online)

Feb. 2021 Gild, Gallery825 (Online)

Feb. 2021 Informationary, Gallery825

Nov. 2020 KOKORO 2020, Japanese American National Museum

Nov.2020 Aurora, Gallery825 (Online)

Sept. 2020 Online Art show, Gardena Valley Japanese cultural Institute

Sept. 2020 Non sequitur, Gallery825 (Online)

Aug. 2020 Exalted one, Gallery 825 (Online)

Jul. 2020 Habitual, Gallery 825 (Online)

Jun. 2020 Gleaming Apollo, Gallery825 (Online)

May. 2020 Opening Mind show, Transitions Mental Health Association

Feb. 2020 Into the light, Orange County Center for Contemporary

Dec. 2019 Open Show 2019, Gallery 825

Oct. 2019 Brewery Art Walk

July. 2019 There for I am, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

Jun. 2019 Let Me Eat Cake, Too, Blue Roof Studios

Jun. 2019 Solo show, Cafe Demitasse

Apr. 2019 Brewery Art Walk

Jun. 2019 Art&Beyond Magazine Nude and Figurative Art Annual Issue, LarkgalleryOnline.com

Oct. 2018 Brewery Art Walk

Jul. 2018 Apocrypha, Gallery 825

Jun. 2018 Magnify, Raw Artist Los Angeles

May. 2018 Resist and Recover, KYO gallery

Jan. 2018 Bunk, Gallery 825

Oct. 2017 Brewery Art Walk

Aug. 2017 Tandem show, Opodz

Jul. 2017 Sizzle, Wallspace LA

Dec. 2016 LAAA's Open show, Gallery 825

Oct. 2016 Countenance devine, Gallery 825

Jul. 2016 Artslant Juried exhibition #6 winner, Artslant

Feb. 2016 The Foolish Game, Gallery 825

Nov. 2015 Chestnut, Gallery 825

Sept. 2015 Juried echibition #7 2013 winner, Artslant

Sept. 2015 An Odyssey, Torrance Art Museum

Jul. 2015 Osmosis, wallspace

Jan. 2015 6th Annual Drawing Discourse Exhibition, S. Tucker Gallery

Jul. 2014 Synthesis, wallspace

Oct. 2013, Pop-up art loop

Aug 2013 Juried echibition #7 2013 winner, Artslant

May. 2013 Affordable art, Spacewomb gallery

Mar. 2012 group show, Wall space LA

Jan. 2012 tandem show, LA artcore

Dec. 2011 South Bay Focus,Torrance Art Museum

Dec. 2011 Art-ful SoirEe, Rheeway gallerie

Apr. 2011 2011 Juried exhibition #2 2011, Artslant

Mar. 2011 A dynamic approach, rheeway gallerie

Feb. 2011 for the love of art, the happening gallery

Oct. 2010 Pasadena Artwalk 2010

Sept.2010 Juried exhibition, DAC gallery

Jun. 2010 Juried exhibition #1 2010, Artslant

May. 2010 group show, revisiting beauty, OCCCA

Jan. 2010 2010 Juried exhibition #1 2010

Jun. 2009 Group show in Infusion gallery

Aug. to Oct. 2008 solo show, chop chop gallery

July. 2008 tandem show with Kazumi Tanaka, sculpture, LA artcore

Jun. 2008 Group show in Hangar gallery

May. 2007 We Love Liberty, Gallery Brown

Apr. 2007 Nippon Steel competition part 2

Feb. 2007 Around the Coyote Winter Festival 2007

Feb. 2007 Nippon Steel competition part 1

Jan. 2007 Open Painting 2007 exhibition, Providence art club

Jan. 2007 The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Mural Competition, American Youth Hostels

May 2006 The Undergraduate Thesis Exhibition, Gallery 2 SAIC

Sept. 2015 Juried echibition #7 2013 winner, Artslant

Jan. 2010 Juried exhibition #1 2010 winner, Artslant

Jan.2007 Open Painting 2007 exhibition, Second Place Prize, Providence Art Club